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Buxton Town - Peak District

Here in the Gap…

If you look at a map there’s a gap in the Peak District National Park.
It’s in that gap that you’ll find Buxton.

National Parks are designated areas of outstanding natural beauty so the Buxton area, with its quarry-pocked complexion, is relegated to ‘runner up’ in the beauty contest and left out of the National Park.

But like the derring-do heroes of film and literature, the scars add interest and become part of the character. They speak of grit and determination, of fortitude and strength; there’s drama and romance in them thar hills.

View a working quarry in daylight and it’s all dust and dirt, but under cover of darkness the twinkling lights transform it into an enchanted fairytale village.

On a still day the blast siren wails across the rock-pleated landscape and bounces off stone hedges, then silence falls until a distant explosion rumbles. It’s a reminder that this is a working landscape, a place where many men and women still earn their crust from the bounty of the land – be it farming or rock-blasting.

In Buxton town, where 21st century shops stand shoulder to shoulder in pedestrianised precincts, the pace of modern life goes on unabated.

Transport, town planning and traffic lights are constant reminders of the here and now.

But stop a moment and lift your eyes. Scan the architecture above the shop fronts; turn from the parking meter and soak up the splendour of the Crescent; take a moment to sip the sweet, natural mineral water and let history wrap itself around you.

For it is here that the Romans settled, here that queens were imprisoned, here that outlaws hid in the caverns, and here that 19th century dukes and farmers ordered the building of follies to give out-of-work men something to do.

The Peak National Park skirts the edges of Buxton, not quite daring to cross the divide, so Buxton stands proud and strong by itself.

Its historical roots burrow deep in the heart of the rock that carved the lives of locals past and present. Though its legacy scarred it, and history reshaped it, and time has ravaged the landscape, the gap on the map where Buxton lies is the gap that sets it apart.

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